Volume Two


For Cross Country Knitting, Volume 2, Jen and Kate challenged each other to re-design one of their favourite adult patterns.

The aim was to create two classic designs for girls and boys:

the kinds of nostalgic childhood garments that might be made and re-made, worn and re-worn, by several generations.

The design challenge resulted in Jen’s Wee Bruton and Kate’s Wee Bluebells.

  Both patterns are designed in 7 sizes to fit kids from 1 to 12 years.

We invited Rachel Atkinson to write about the process of wearing – and making – childhood handknits.

Our talented friend Fergus Ford took the photographs for this volume.

The lovely models are Fergus’s son, Toby and his wee pal, Sofia.

Volume 2 is all about our recollections of childhood handknits, and the importance of knitting as an act of making memory. We hope you enjoy it.

Happy knitting, everyone!

Love Jen, Kate, Rachel, Fergus, Toby and Sofia x




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